Saturday, 1 July 2017

Hornsby, water clock (Theme Day: Motion)

This is an abstract view of the Hornsby Water Clock or Hornsby Water Sculpture which is located in Hornsby Mall, a pedestrian mall in Florence Street, in the northern suburb of Hornsby. "Man, Time and the Environment" is a fusion of kinetic sculpture, decorative fountain, musical instrument and a functional clock. Unveiled in 1993, it was created by Australian sculptor Victor Cusack from cast bronze, stainless steel, and toughened plate glass. It features three types of water-powered clocks, a 4th century BC Greek clepsydra, an 11th century Chinese water wheel clock and a 17th century Swiss pendulum clock, plus a 17-note bronze tubular bell carillon that rings the hour based on a design found in an 18th century English church.


  1. I like its design. You've chosen well for the theme!

  2. Weird but wonderful! I was watching the "Crown" last evening and the episode contained Queen Elizabeth II's trip to Australia back in the day. What a great show that is!

  3. Wow, that sculptor must be quite a genius!

  4. Something we don't see every day. A pastiche of styles? Nice "motion" choice.

    1. Either that or fusion is a popular word these days.

  5. Tick-Tock. Great image for the motion theme

  6. This is unique and very nice!

    Happy July!

  7. I like this beautiful sculpture. Very nice.


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